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Nouveauté : Pour simplifier votre quotidien, vous n’avez plus besoin de nous renvoyer votre mandat de prélèvement SEPA par courrier. Toutes vos demandes d’ajout ou de modification de compte bancaire sont désormais dématérialisées. Pour cela, vous recevrez un e-mail de notre partenaire Yousign, vous permettant de signer électroniquement votre mandat de prélèvement. Plus d'info

Frequently Asked Questions

Why has OVHcloud changed its customer support?

OVHcloud has done this to enhance the experience it offers. Our new support structure is designed to meet growing customer expectations, with quicker replies to questions and even higher service quality.

This is why OVHcloud is now offering a wider, more accurate support system that suits business needs, and provides customers with access to online autonomous management services.

How do I find my OVHcloud username?

You can find it in the top right-hand corner of your last invoice. It is sometimes referred to as a NIC handle, and resembles the following: “ab00001-ovh”. (the first letters are normally the initials of the person who created the account). This username is also provided in the confirmation email when you create your account, as well as in emails confirming or renewing an order.

Tips and tricks
When you are logged in to the OVHcloud Control Panel, you can see your username in the top right-hand corner, next to your name.