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I would like to receive the free service, and have received an email informing me that my Bare Metal Cloud services cannot be restored. How can I receive the free service?

As a commercial measure, and in accordance with our wish to give you six months of free service, we offer the following:

  • credit corresponding to the total amount of your Bare Metal services located in Strasbourg (SBG) billed in March 2021
  • free replacement of your Bare Metal services located in Strasbourg (SBG) with equivalent solutions, for a period of five months

To receive these free services, the ordering system in the OVHcloud Control Panel is simple:

1/ Click the ‘Replace’ button
2/ Select the services concerned
3/ Accept the contracts associated with each of the replacement Bare Metal services
4/ Confirm the purchase order corresponding to a billing amount of zero euros (or your local currency) for a period of five months

Replace your services

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