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I had a Bare Metal Cloud service located in the SBG1 datacentre in Strasbourg and hosted in one of the rooms 61A, 61D or 62A, and my data is recoverable. How can I regain access to my data ?

We will temporarily give you back access to the Bare Metal Cloud service. This will be done progressively from Thursday 1 April 2021, under certain conditions. Our technicians will move and reconnect your physical machine within the SBG4 datacentre, and restore it to its original, temporary state. In the medium term, we cannot guarantee the level of quality and performance required for service in production on this machine. Your Bare Metal Cloud service will also be listed in the OVHcloud Control Panel as being located in SBG4 and no longer at SBG1. Furthermore, if you were using the vRack feature, please note that it will no longer be available in the SBG4 datacentre. To guarantee the service level, we recommend migrating your data to another server* that we can offer in SBG, or in another of our datacentres.

*(under your sole and complete responsibility)