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Will the “Snapshot” (manual backup) and “Automated backup” (automatic backup) options also be available for subscription, from Sunday, 21 March 2021?

These optional services will be available as of Sunday, 21 March 2021. For customers who have already subscribed to the “Automated backup" option, the backups are performed automatically again from this date. You can also subscribe to these options.

If you had already subscribed to one of these options before the Strasbourg (SBG) event, you will have access to the snapshots and backups created before the incident from Thursday, 25 March 2021.

Therefore, we do not recommend performing any actions on backup options (delete/restore) for backups performed before 10 March 2021.

However, you can take a snapshot that will replace the previous one, and do so before 10 March, 2021.